Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Turning on a Dime

I figured I'd keep with the currency theme for my post title...


There are two things I've noticed in widowhood - how time becomes quite elastic and how quickly you can find yourself in another stage, another headspace without even realising it.

A while ago I wrote about avoiding going back to work.  I've tried to find the post, but in my pre-coffee haze and with that elastic time thing going on, I can't find it.  Must be older than I think it is, although I swear it's only a few weeks.... 

hmm... checked. 

It was three months ago.

Anyhow back to the present. Not long after that post, the marketing guy for the CPA come into our accounting lecture, as they do about this time of year, and he did to the 'hey join us, not Chartered' thing.  As an off-hand comment, he mentioned my state's Auditor-General's office was recruiting.

So I decided to take a look - they were recruiting for graduates for ongoing employment and students still with a year to go for a month long summer internship for February.  Timing sucks as my parents are usually skiing in the northern  hemisphere for February, but I spoke to my childcare provider and they'd be able to take John for the month full time.  Yep - a month full time is doable.

Ok, so I applied.   And promptly forgot to attach my academic transcript.  Figured I would wind up in the pile of candidates culled in the initial review of applications.

Well, I was gobsmacked when I got a call for an interview, which I had yesterday*.

I'm not sure how I went - especially since I mucked up a basic thing - but I'll hear later this week. Although I study in our central business district, I'm usually dressed as a student.  It was nice to be there in corporate attire - and it felt right.  Maybe going back won't be so tough after all. 

I figure if I get it, it gives me a chance to really test the waters of going back to work.  Especially since I'll most likely need to go back full time when I re-enter the workforce in 2016.

It's funny how quickly things can change without you realising you've moved into another space.

*Once at home I had to get a three and a half year old to put pants on.  That was tougher than the interview.


  1. I hope the interview went well and yu get the job. Work is actually a nice diversion sometimes and if you can get a 3.5 year old to put his pants on, the work world will be a piece of cake!

    Good luck!


  2. Fingers crossed for the job. Yes, time is different now. It moves slowly and fast at the same time.

    Maria O.