Thursday, January 20, 2011

another week.

different circumstances, but

for the second week

in a row i

had to face my past.

while i

discussed my past.

from the 10th

floor i could see

573 1/2 & 6001.


(they're there in the distance).

5 years in

those spots

planning for, and

working toward a future

that only i

would see.


years earlier, through

the windows of

573 1/2 & 6001,

i looked down

the street.

the street that

no long exists.

the street reclaimed

by the museum.

the street covered

in grass

and replaced by

a forest of

202 street lights.

my eyes would

wander across

wilshire and up the

sides of the

tall building that

used to guide me

home when i

first moved to

this city.

i wondered

what was inside.


i'm standing in

that building,

right now.

after years of wondering,

today is the

day i finally figured

out what was

behind the glass.

and like so much

of this,

i wish i'd never

found out.