Saturday, January 29, 2011

Shine A Light

I must admit...I love films. Foreign especially, but anything thought and emotionally provoking will do. What can I say....Michael and I first kissed while watching "American Beauty", it's just the kind of couple we are.


Tonight I found myself watching "Anna and the King", a remake of "The King and I", which I thoroughly enjoyed with the widowhood struggles lacing the edges of the classic film. The remake did not disappoint, as I found myself jotting down favorite quotes that came 'aplenty.


It would be the final quote and line of the film that struck the largest chord, as no other words of the film could ring more true of Michael and the love he still fills my soul with daily.


But enough of my it is:


"It is always surprising how small a part of life is taken up by meaningful moments. Most often they are over before they start, although they cast a light on the future and make the person who originated them unforgettable."


Though Michael and I had little time physically, in the whole scheme of our eternity with each other, his life and love cast the light that guides me daily. Through the tough times (that are ever present right now) or even the calm and reflective's what our love has created together that spares me from the dark that has a know reputation of swallowing its victims whole.


To great films and all they remind us....slaint'e.



  1. What an inspiring connection!!!! Thank you!!!

  2. There have been so many films that have touched me on my journey through widowhood. The first was sleepless in Seatle that gave me hope that someday I will find love again-it was what my love made me promise shortly before he died.Then there was UP, which showed me that pining over my lost love was not a purposeful way to live. Last movie was inception, which too spoke of how we should not live in the past, or feel guilt about it, or it would destroy the joy we could have right now. Often these movies seem to come to me as a message that I need to move past my grief, but still hold onto all the good memories of the past. That is what I am struggling to do everyday as we all are. Your path my be different from mine, but it still be to move foward to find joy in the life we live now, even though we must go on without the ones we love.