Saturday, January 8, 2011

Here We Go

It's here. My fourth year of not being able to refer to my love alive.

But as somber as it sounds, it's also my fourth year of being living proof of just what the power and strength of love can get you through.

I've never set resolutions and hopes for each year, other than just trying to find more good days than bad in the months ahead....even if that would mean 184 good days and 181 bad ones. I want the good to come out on top...just like our strength that I tried to hopes that I buried beneath the grief and pain for such a long time.

This year I will try and live by Ghandi's Top 10 Fundamentals. Not that I haven't in the past couple of years or already have many cemented into my being, but those that I don't I want to live them....not follow them. I want to wake each day and evolve. I want to continue being persistent in all that I believe. Remind myself in the moments where I feel helpless, take control of my journey.

The things that I already have as a part of myself that are noted in his list I never want to let go of, I never want to doubt with any cell in my body. I want to continue embracing my authenticity and never have more fear for change than hope.

So 2011 will be amazing...I hold that pillar. I venture out into its foreign ground with my head high, my eyes wide open and my heart as my compass.


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  1. Lovely picture - heart as your compass. I totally wish I could draw it for you. Scrollwork around the edges of the entire compass heart; shaded and detailed...