Thursday, January 6, 2011

things could be (and have been) worse.

four different airports

in three different countries

in 24 hours.

packed tightly

with pissed off adults.





most people would


hate such a situation.

but with a

little perspective

those annoyances seem

so minor.

(i'm sure you can relate).

and after a few

days away

from my child,

those screaming babies

made me smile.

(the me from 4 years ago cannot believe the current me just wrote that).

and they made me

excited to see

my best girl again.

being without her these

past few days,

well, i just haven't

felt like me.

i just hope

she's quiet when

we head back

to los angeles

on saturday.


  1. I think that you are such a sweet, good father!!!

  2. I have been that parent on the plane with the screaming baby, and I have been the parent on the plane with the unreasonable toddler. Now I find it almost relaxing when it is someone elses kid because I know its not me who has to sit there trying to soothe the baby or distract the toddler while sweating and nervously laughing off the dirty looks. Screaming babies, and unreasonable toddlers = life. And how lucky are those people who feel pain is being on a plane with loud kids? They are lucky to not know what REAL pain is. I am happy you had some time off, you need and deserve it. I know you will have an amazing reunion with your best girl and I am positive you gave her grandparents the best gift ever - time with your beautiful daughter.