Saturday, December 12, 2009

Napping before the show....

I'm tired.

I've miscalculated my energy for this month, which has equated to many a'naps.

In the midst of the over-exertion and holiday bustle, I drained my tank with no one in sight to grab me some gas. It's just a month of lots of everything!

December 23rd will be our four year anniversary and December 27th will be my birthday...heck, and lets throw in Christmas to make the party a little bit more fun ;)

Like any lead up to a special date or days, I've come to learn and know that it is the "pre-show" that messes with my mind. When the days actually arrive I see that it is like any other, yet it isn't. I have the ability to take another day in my life without Michael, but make it one he looks down on in celebration, one that isn't doom and gloom.

Until those days come, and I am given the blessed option to take an amazing day(that I know unluckily I can't share with my love) and make it even more amazing by sharing our love with other's who believe and support it, I will nap and most likely be drained to the core.

I'm resting up for the party, and letting the "pre-show" run its course.

Party on Wayne...Party on Garth......

“No day is so bad it can't be fixed with a nap.”

-Carrie Snow

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