Thursday, December 31, 2009

a new year


last day of the year.

i wonder how

it’s gonna feel,

leaving this one behind?

probably not as good

as i hoped.

heading out for the day

it was cold.

really cold.

and for the first

time in a

long time i had

to take off


rings so i could

wear some gloves.

i put them

in my camera bag,

imagining what i

would do if

i forgot the

bag somewhere.

our new year’s eve event…

the sea and cake

playing at a little place

i spent a

few nights in.


was here with

me a few times.

she sometimes hated

going with me

to concerts in

standing-room only,

small venues ’cause,

as she put it,

“i hate staring at some tall guy’s ass all night! plus people always spill their drinks on me!”

i never understood

this until she

made me duck down

a foot to

her eye level.


the whole thing

made perfect sense then.

but this place…

she loved this place

’cause they allow

people to stand

on the bench seats

running the length

of the room,

on the left and right

sides of the stage.

from that vantage

point, a woman,

4′11″ tall, could

see everything…

except some tall

guy’s ass.

and not once was

a drink poured down

her back.


i didn’t

remember this

until after the opener

had finished playing

and we walked

into the main room

to see the headliner play.

the band paused

at midnight

to let us know

that a new

year had begun.


let’s hope it’s

better than

the last one

was all i

could think to

myself as we

all knocked our

drinks together.

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