Thursday, November 4, 2010


in a drawer.

in a bag.

some yarn.

a notebook.

on one page:

"chunky baby sweater"

on another:

"cable knit baby hat"

in her handwriting.

those words

followed by

a bunch of

numbers that must

have meant

something to her.

eyes scanning the

pages, finding different numbers

at the top

of one page:


at the top

of another page:


a bunch of

numbers that mean

something to me.


projects started

(never finished)

for our daughter.

i held the notebook.

i turned the pages.

nothing after

those two dates.



i pulled out the yarn.

knitting needles

right where she

left them,


but which one?



and where is

the other?

i wish she would

have taken me seriously

that one time

when i asked her

to teach me

to knit

(i probably should've asked with a straight face).

maybe i'll learn

you know,

to fill up those pages

for both of them.

1 comment:

  1. Matt,
    Thank you for your post. This date happens to be what was our wedding anniversary - and seeing this - my husband was an artist. Some jackets were not finished yet. He painted on leather jackets. We were going to work on this together - and why didn't I pay more attention to some detail. After he got home from the hospital - we would work on his artwork - but he never came home. This really hit home.