Thursday, December 2, 2010

a resemblance.

everyone tells me

that my daughter

looks like her mother.

and when i say

everyone, i mean everyone.

*our family.

*our friends.

*strangers who've only seen photos of them.


when i look

at madeline i,

(of course),

recognize the resemblance.

and when i remember


and when i see

photos of


that connection becomes

even more apparent.


during our recent

trip to minnesota

i got to see

a bunch of

photos of


as a toddler.

i couldn't believe it.

neither could maddy.

in fact, she had

a hard time

determining if the

photo she saw was

of her

or of her mom.


then tonight

i got a message

from a friend

asking me some

questions about what


looked like

at maddy's age.




so happy.



i've been asked

many times

before, if it's

hard for me to

see such a

striking resemblance

between maddy and

her mom.

the answer?

fuck no.

i find nothing but comfort

in seeing


in maddy.

and why shouldn't i?


  1. To see my late husband in our children is comforting. He does live on....
    Thanks for a lovely post.

  2. Wow, such a strong resemblance for sure! Same thing happens with my kids and I love it! It's a comfort to know that a part of my husband literally lives on in them.

  3. You have a beautiful daughter and your wife was just as beautiful at her age :) I would be happy for my kids to resemble my husband as well

  4. When Patrick (age 5) is asleep....I could stare at him for hours because he looks just like him and I never knew it until Charles was gone...I never even saw it until I was missing him so badly and it hit me like a brick to the head. Wow - he's a mini me. The comfort that it gives you to see what you miss so very badly is amazing. Great post.