Thursday, February 10, 2011


last weekend

tom and candee

came to

los angeles for

a short visit.

and i watched

(in amazement)

as they continued

their support for

the life i've

made for maddy

and me since

the death of their daughter...

they're heavily involved

with the foundation

i started in



they excitedly ask

about everything that's

happening with

my book.

and they support

my relationship with

brooke in ways

i never could

have imagined,

(they had 8 huge bags of cheese curds shipped to us from wisconsin, and donned green bay packers shirts to help her cheer on brooke's favorite team, something utterly unthinkable for a couple of vikings fans).

after almost three

years of this kind

of support,

i have to remind

myself that none

of this was a

given after



they could have

walked away from

madeline and me

at any time.

but they didn't.

they've been

here for us

in every possible way.

and all of

our lives

are better because

of it.


  1. How wonderful for all of have this kind of support!

  2. This is beyond wonderful :) A widowed friend of mine, just over 2 years out, was flatly and boldly told by her late husband's parents that they couldn't handle her dating and would not support her if she did. I hope their attitude is the exception and not the rule because it was horribly hurtful to her. I am 3 1/2 years out, and my inlaws are both gone, but I would have to hope that if I choose to date again, that people will be supportive of my desire to live the life I have left to live, knowing that it is what my husband would want for his wife and young son.

  3. They raised an amazing daughter and so it is just great that they support you and love you. You are indeed a lucky man and it is great to read about how much you appreciate it. No, it's not easy, but you certainly do a good job of embracing this life.