Saturday, August 4, 2012

A Phone Call

At 11:38 CT my cell phone rang. Taryn was calling me. The first thing I did when I saw her name pop up on my phone was wonder what was wrong. I answered with a little question in my tone, and the conversation went like this...

M: Hi there. What are you doing?
T: Standing in a few inches of water. My entire house is flooded.
M: Oh, no! Are you okay?
T: Yeah, I am just looking around me wondering what I should pick up first. There is water everywhere, up the baseboards and the drywall...literally covering my whole house!
M: Did the water get any of Michael's stuff?
T: Maybe, in the garage.
M: I am so sorry.
T: I was just coming home to write my blog...and I saw water pouring out of my garage! I am so sorry, I can't write the blog for tomorrow!

That is the kind of dedication our writers feel to this community. No one wants to let you down. We each want you to find something waiting for you when you open this page. Sometimes we share a light moment or a success. Other times we share our darkness, questions, or the fear of facing the future without our life partner. If we learn a lesson the hard way, we post that lesson here. For you. Because maybe our writing about our heartaches can lessen yours just the tiniest bit.

Taryn is facing a huge challenge, on her own. You know the kind. The type of emergency where you can imagine yourself standing in the driveway with your partner asking what in the world you should do first. It might be one of those times you later looked back on, and marveled at how you made it through that crazy waterlogged night. But this time there isn't that a particular someone to shovel water with side by side. This time the clean up will take a village, and a strong woman who can get this done. And we will be the witnesses to Taryn's success. Send that energy to Texas with me please. We can be Taryn's village, with just a thought, a prayer, or a kind word.

Because this community sticks together...come hell or high water.


  1. Sending retreating water karma!
    I hope you have some help.

  2. My thoughts definately go out to her and I can honestly say those times have been the hardest for me!

  3. Yes we do know the challenge. I am so sorry she has to deal with this!

  4. I hate those moments and yet, when I get through them, I'm so proud that I've accomplished one more thing. Whether I did it all myself (probably through the tears because Andy's not here to help me) or with a group of wonderful friends (again through tears because everyone's here but Andy). It's one more challenge that we face and come out stronger on the other side. Taryn, you go girl! You can handle this, just like you've handled everything else in these last few years.

  5. Good luck Taryn! Sending warm, drying vibes from PA to TX.

  6. My thoughts definately go out to her

  7. Huge Hugs Taryn - Our garage and downstairs area repeatedly flooded with groundwater in the months after Greg died, soaking all of his tools and accumulated "useful stuff". ...and I think another WV blogger has also endured flooding since his wife's death (sorry - can't remember who now).
    It adds insult to injury. Hope you've got some local help while you deal with this.

  8. Hugs from Maryland to you Taryn. I so very much appreciate your dedication but have observed your strength and it is tremendous!

    You have also taught me to look at these events in a whole new light. Before widowhood, my world would have sat still for weeks facing this huge task. Now, however, as long as no one is hurt and still here in this world, the walls can be rebuilt and the furniture can be replaced.

    So while you are tackling a unbelievable difficult task, remember the special gift that you have given to all of us and it is PRICELESS!

  9. When things like this happen, it feels like the whole world has it out for you. I liken it to someone kicking the backs of your legs while you try to walk. Sending you strength during this difficult time.