Thursday, August 16, 2012

Great is worth it

A very special moment during the Saturday night message release

I'm still recuperating from the travel and lack of sleep from Camp Widow.
It was totally worth it. :)

I anticipated going to Camp Widow to reach out to other widows/widowers who have been through this horrible journey called grief. But instead, I was blessed.

I watched hundreds of widows take this huge, scary leap into an unknown world to reach out in their grief. These courageous men and women who all came together just to know that they're not alone. But they didn't just reach out. They shared, they laughed, they cried, they helped each other, they danced..

they lived. 

What a blessing it was to sit around with a group of people who shared their hearts, their fears, their worries, they're anger, and even their joy. They have no idea how much they touched my heart and blessed me.

As Michele gave her keynote address, she said something that became my mantra for the weekend. So often, we settle for good enough, because after we lose something so incredibly important to us, great is so scary and comes with the probability that we could lose again. But as most widows/widowers would agree, I would NEVER trade my time with Jeremy even if I knew I would lose him so soon. Because love is worth it.

Great is worth it.

Whether it means taking that huge leap into giving your heart to someone else, or whether it means baby steps into finding joy in your every day life, don't settle for good. Because underneath the pain and loss and hurt and grief is life. And life keeps moving forward even when we don't want it to. But, it can be good. Better than good. And the risk is worth it.

Thank you all for the reminder to keep striving for great. For me, for Jeremy, and for every person out there struggling through this roller coaster journey called grief.


  1. Oh how we all need to hear this message Vee!

    I think most of us settle for way less than good - often we settle for just existing and that is not enough. You can never have any kind of life when you just exist.

    I want great.
    Great is worth it.
    Great is what my husband was, as were his dreams and our life together.
    I walk toward great. I am willing to risk it.
    Thanks so much

    1. I love this. You are exactly right. Thanks.

  2. Michele's keynotes are the best - they are always one of my favorite parts of Camp. I hope it will be on the SSLF web site because I can't wait to watch it!

    Thank you for giving us this piece!


  3. It is a roller coaster ride, that grief journey. After my husband died, I felt like I was balancing on the edge of a cliff on a narrow path trying not to slip and go crashing into the darkness. Even with baby steps, I slipped into a temporary fog that I eventually found my way out of with loving support like Camp Widow provides. Take your time and keep focused on discovering "greatness" in life again! I found it and so can you. Wishing all of you joy and a life filled with greatness. Author of Twenty-Eight Snow Angels: A Widow's Story of Love, Loss and Renewal.