Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I think I am turning into my own Grandmother

The weather turned cool* again in the weekend and it rained all day Saturday - the first rain we have had in months.

What did we do?
Baked ANZAC biscuits, then I ran about in the rain fertilising things and planting other things, then ending the day by watching a movie and crocheting a blanket.

I swear that if it wasn't for work and my passion for photography, I'd never leave the house ..... I'd actually BE my own grandmother.
Think I am exaggerating?
Look at the evidence:
The baking, crocheting, gardening  and reminiscing about the "old" days (ie - when Greg was alive).   This is all stuff my Nana liked to do.

My (lovely) teacher friend (who is young and gorgeous) often asks me why I don't go out of an evening, and I found myself defending my hermit lifestyle: the thought of putting on a frock and going out with other adults leaves me cold.  (In my old life, I used to wish we did this more often given that we spent most of our free time wrangling toddlers.  Now that the kids are a little older, I have no desire to go out ....... alone.)

Anyhoo ... talk with my friend turned to the inevitable work Christmas party, which I have been trying to avoid signing up for some time now.  I have dutifully gone to the last two parties and hated almost every minute if it...... feeling a little out of place and not able to drink as I had nobody who would come and pick me up at midnight when I turn into a pumpkin.
So the lovely friend asked me "Why don't you bring your camera along - you can always go and take photos of things when you feel sad?  And we will give you a lift home."

....and that actually started to sound like it could be doable.  Even better- it could be fun. 

So maybe....  just maybe ..... I can stop turning into a 42-year-old 90-year-old.  I can still like doing the "old lady" things, but I can also frock-up, bring my camera and head out for a night with my friends and workmates.

You know - I think I will just pay for that Christmas party ticket today.

*By cool, I mean 24°C  - I do live in subtropical Queensland and anything under 25°C is cool; anything under  20°C is cold.  But then, we have no heating and our houses are designed to let cool air in.


  1. "frock-up" is now firmly in my vocabulary.

    Without matt, who also wanted to leave parties asap, the only way I will go to parties is if I have a "job" to do. Camera carrying - good plan.

  2. Do it!
    What a wonderful friend, and a great idea to take the camera.
    You can mingle and yet move on if the mood hits.
    It might also be a great way to stay "plugged in" as a previous post suggested.
    I hope you have a great time.

  3. You can't get away from the holidays (well, you can if you keep up that hermit lifestyle), so good idea to try to mingle with camera in hand. This is my 3rd holiday season without Doug, I am being picky about plans, but know that going out and mingling is good for the soul, maybe I can forget my reality for a moment. Will be frocking up also!