Wednesday, April 17, 2013

By The Time Most of You Read This ......

...... I'll either be winging my way towards S. Carolina and Camp Widow East, or I'll already be there.
We have work to do before you get there.

I look forward to meeting those of you will be coming to Camp.  I wish you could all come, but I know, as do all of you, that wishes don't always come true.

For those of you who are coming, I truly hope that you'll take the time to come up to me and say hi.  Even if you only ever comment as Anonymous.  Or ...... even if you never comment.

Each of you mean more to me than you know.  You are my passion.
Hopefully that didn't just scare you all away.

Encouraging you, letting you know that you're a little less alone ...... and whole lot less crazy than you thought you were ...... is my passion.

This is not what I thought I'd be doing at this point in my life.
But I also never thought I'd be widowed at this point in my life.
Thankfully, I never saw any of this coming.

But here I am ...... widowed.
And here I am ...... using what I've experienced on this road to reach out to others who are here.
And in reaching out to you ...... I feel as though I'm reaching out to my future, my continued healing, and my hope.
As well as reaching out to new friends.

So thank you for coming here.
Thank you for continuing to encourage me.
And thank you for helping me to feel ...... a little less alone.
And a whole lot less crazy than I think I am.

You see, that's one of the good things about being in this "club".  We never talk about the good things, because, of course, we didn't choose to be here and would NEVER have chosen to be here.
But here is where we are.
And so let's remind ourselves of the positive.
Which is this:  the people in this "club" reach out to each other.  We help each other stand.  We help each other take the next step.
And we give each other hope.

As much as I want to be here for each of you ...... I want to thank you for being here for me.

Even though we never saw ourselves ...... being here.


  1. Janine, a great big THANK YOU to you for all you do. Unfortunately, Camp Widow has no worked into my schedule over the last 3 years, but I am sure it is a wonderful place to hang out for just a short stay.

    Happy times to everyone attending!!!!!

  2. Janine, I'm one of those "anonymouses" (anaonymice?!) who is looking forward to meeting you IRL as they say this weekend. I hope your trip was uneventful.

  3. Janine,

    I will be attending CWE and arrive tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing you and saying thank you in person. Safe travels.

    Maria O.