Wednesday, April 24, 2013

It only takes one person

source make a huge impact.

Coming back from Camp Widow this time felt different than last time, somehow. Maybe I was so nervous about presenting last year and worried about doing a good job that I wasn't able to get outside of myself enough. I was impacted, definitely, but this year I was able to step back and really pay attention.

I was so aware at how one person can make such a big impact on my heart.

This weekend, I was impact by Lisa who reinforced my perspective and inspired me to be a better mom. Janice, who was brave enough to expose her frustrations and lend the deepest hurts out for healing. Diana who made me laugh, Dana who finally shared her story, Leah whose Canadian roots made me feel closer to Jeremy somehow, Connie who listened to my story (twice) and opened up with hers, Kelly who was willing to dig deeper and ask questions, Rachel who invested, made me feel at home, and recharged my desire to finish a book. For all the women at the Sudden Loss session who shared their stories....each one of them became imprinted on my heart and listening to them expose their worst nightmares was an experience I will never forget. And of course, Michele, who constantly inspires and reminds me of why I do this in the first place.

I gathered all these names up (I am actually super terrible at remembering names, there are more that impacted me this weekend) and tried to remind myself that even in the smallest encounter, change can happen. Love can transcend. I take that with me as hope that perhaps I am able to do the same, even just for one person.

Never underestimate the power of one. Especially when we all come together.
Thank you all for blessing me this weekend.

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