Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Small steps

I took this photo on Friday evening.
After sundown.
On the beach.
Just as the moon rose over the island.
Out of my comfort zone ...  and yet feeling perfectly at home.

On Saturday, I did an actual photoshoot for a friend's family.
Like professional photographers do.
Feeling nervous that these people trusted me to capture the essence of their family on film.  Hoping I didn't stuff it up completely.
Out of my comfort zone again.

I am challenging myself to do things out of my comfort zone.  .... in very small steps.

I know I have a long way to go. 

But it feels good to be trying new things.... getting a bit of the old me back.

The old me that Greg fell in love with.....

Maybe, just maybe, I can glean a little confidence from knowing that he would be proud of me....


  1. Good for you. I'll give the brief version of an anecdote that makes a lot of sense to me. Our grief never shrinks, it also never grows, so in order to bring laughter and happiness back into our lives we need to expand our life experience.

  2. That's a beautiful photo Amanda! (Even on my crappy monitor. Lol!)

    Stepping out of our comfort zones. Scarey yes!
    But you're right. It's the only way to build confidence.

  3. I too have found myself doing and being a piece of the "old Mary" - her name is "playful Mary"; she used to provide quick wit and funny quips and goings on for my Marty to enjoy.....when he died, in so many ways she (and all the other parts of her) died; but now 26 months later, she is resurrecting herself in recognizable ways; at times bizarre bc now my playfulness is directed at others who are not my spouse; and while they may write me off as a loon, I don't really care. Another outgrowth of my loss - not caring what others think!! Yahoo and long overdue! Freedom.