Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Yes, You~

to those of us left behind
standing amidst the ashes that remain
atop the skeletons of our lives and ourselves.

to those of us left behind
who struggle with unseeing eyes blinded by grief
and limbs made heavy with exhaustion
and shattered souls
uncertain about...everything.

to those of us left behind
who must learn to live in the without
and open our hearts to life
when all that is in us begs to close those very hearts.

to those of us left behind
who loved so deeply and so passionately
whose lips whisper names into the darkness
of the soul and heart and body
and hear only an echo.

to those of us left behind
who stagger through each moment and each hour
of every day and night
as the months pass by and the sharp blades of a love gone
cut and shred.

to you, to me, to us
left behind but left behind
with the love that can and will and must
become bigger than the absence of those who
have gone beyond our reach.

to we who grieve the grief of a lover gone
and slowly dance our spirit dances and speak their names in our hearts
as our hands and souls entwine with theirs 
and our bodies search and our minds question and the deepest part of ourselves
burn and become determined and we become Love in remembrance of the love 
we once held close.

to those of us left behind
searching the heavens, finding our footing, seeking,
gasping, breathing, 


  1. This is beautiful and so poignant. Every word and phrase rings true. Thank you for sharing it.

  2. Alison, this is so beautiful! Thank you!

  3. You nailed it exactly, Alison...beautifully, poignantly....keep writing��

    1. Thank you for your encouragement, always, Grace~

  4. Your words resonated down to my very soul. Thank you for the beauty of this poem.

  5. dear Alison,

    you wrote such a beautiful, eloquent, and lyrical poem, and the message is one that gives me inspiration and great comfort. I hope your travels are taking you where you want to be, guiding you and giving you what you are looking for. I send you warm hugs and gratitude for taking the time to let us know we are not alone.

    much love,


  6. Hello, I hope your journey is going well.. Be safe , Gods speed..

  7. "Limbs made heavy with exhaustion" really speaks to me. I remember returning to work 2 months after my husband's death. I walked down the hallways of the long term care facility where I worked, and each foot felt like I had a 10 pound weight on it. I had never felt that before. I knew I was walking around with a gaping hole in my heart and naturally I thought I would feel lighter, if anything at all. Days turned into months and slowly the weights on my ankles fell off, little by little, until I could no longer feel them. The hole in the center of my heart? It remains and nothing can fill that space, it remains open until I see my husband again.

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