Thursday, March 25, 2010

its complicated

spent time with a relatively

new friend.

a widow with far

too much in common.

the number 25 shows

up so often for both of us that

i’ve suggested we both

stop using quarters.


she’s in town to

take her kids to

disneyland and the beach,

and i’ve offered

up a few of

my afternoons

to show them around town.

today, my friend

asked me to take

some photos

of her and her kids.

said sure.

i finished up and a woman

walked up to us and said,

“do you want me to take some photos of all of you?”

“no thank you”

i said.

she gave me quite

a strange look.

i said to her,

“no need for a photo. she’s not my wife. those kids are not mine.”

another strange look.

“it’s complicated.”

i said.

she said,

“i don’t want to know.”

as she walked away.

didn’t realize how crazy

that all sounded

until my friend finally stopped

laughing at me and

recounted word-for-word

what i’d said.


now i want to

find that lady and

tell her what’s going on!

ah, forget it.

who would believe us?

1 comment:

  1. The story that woman is probably telling people about encountering you is probably funnier than the incident itself.