Friday, March 5, 2010

the little things

It's the 'little things' can that drive you mad or madly in love.
The way his jaw clicks when he chews. Or the way he tucks your hair behind you ear as he assures you that it will be okay.
The way he feels compelled to tell you how to solve a problem when you're venting. Or the way he stares at you from across the room with a smile touching his lips and you know without words that he loves you.
It's those little things that hold you together - a pair. The little secrets. The little stories. The little comforts.
When your love is gone, dead but certainly not forgotten, those 'little things' sometimes remain.
Today, I found one of those little things....tucked into one of my books. One of the hidden messages that we'd hide for each other to be found at some unknown later date.
And it reminds me that it's the little things that can soothe a soul. Mend a heart. Dry a tear.
So today, I'll do some little thing. And maybe it'll make a someone some time.


  1. Jackie, you are a very gifted writer. This is beautiful.


  2. You're so right, Jackie. It's the little things I think I miss most of all. And by the way, your little things already are making difference to many of us out here! Have a good weekend!

    Love Deb

  3. I'm so glad you found the note. I found a similar one myself a few weeks ago--and Charley was NOT one to write anything nonfunctional or mushy, so I have almost nothing from him to me. I'd totally forgotten about it until I saw it again, probably over seven years after he wrote it, and it was such a sweet, precious discovery and forgotten memory for me.

    I'm glad Jeff still has his ways of reminding you how special and treasured you were...and still are.

    Hugs, my friend....

  4. Oh how wonderful. You're lucky today.