Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Laughing my way through

A bloggy friend of mine has just suffered an awful loss - she has miscarried IVF twins at about 6 weeks.  She and her husband have been trying to fall pregnant for over 5 years - this was her first pregnancy.
To say I am gutted for her is an understatement ... but she has a wicked sense of humour and I know that this is something that will get her through the grief.

Another friend has faced many, many difficulties in her life.  She has experienced a different kind of loss to those of us who have had our spouse die.  But she knows the darkness well.  .....and she chooses to laugh in the face (butt) of the Universe (as it opens its dysenteric bowels above her head time and time again). 

We have all been tarred with the same dark brush in many ways ..... we seem to live by the motto: when all else fails and the world about you has turned to ashes, laugh.  Preferably at something dark or obscure.

Dark humour is something that only those who have truly known darkness can pull off.  All other attempts are feeble and not laugh-worthy.  Or at least grimace-worthy as are most of my satirical attempts.

So despite the amount of extra misery dumped in my lap this week (nothing serious - if you don't count a pathological fear of vomit and sick children) , I choose to laugh.

I choose to see the funny side.

Maybe it is only a distraction from grief, but its working for me today.


  1. Preferably at something obscure....

    that's how you know who your people are. They get your obscure jokes. xo

  2. You rock Amanda! I love this post! So true that only us who have been in the darkness can share a wild and somewhat bizarre sense of humor. But, I agree, it works!

  3. As I tell my friends, it's either laugh or cry and I have cried quite enough! Laugh on, Amanda, we are right there with you!