Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Wish me luck

dandelion kisses
dandelion kisses (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I love my job, but I need to have permanency of employment. I've spoken about why in a previous post....

By the time this goes out, I will have already met with the staffing officer who has the power to make me a permanent employee.
So I guess wishing me luck at this point in time may be like shutting the gate after the horse has bolted.

But bear with me.....

There's no way of knowing the outcome of her decision until the end of the year.... so I will still appreciate all spare wishes just the same.

Permanency ......... at my current place of employment.

It's what I need.

So I'm asking for any spare eyelashes, dandelions, shooting stars, wishbones, and penny-wishes you can send my way.

But only if you have any to spare....

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  1. I have loads of both eyelashes and dandelions; sent in your direction.

  2. Yes. I think we'd all like a little bit of permanency in our lives...

    The dandelions are in their full glory around here this time of year, and so you are more than welcome to have some!

    Good luck Amanda.

  3. Amanda, definitely sending you shooting stars and wishbones, the things that make dreams come true!

    As Valerie said, "we would all like a little bit of permanency.." Just a little would be greatly appreciated.

    Good luck!!!!!

  4. Lots of dandelions here in my front yard in NJ. I will wish you luck on some of them (after I take allergy medicine) sniffle sniffle. The waiting for an answer is hard work...It makes the actual job seem easier. Good luck and I will remember to sent the wishes your way.

  5. Lots of dandelions in my yard. I will take some allergy medicine tomorrow and make wishes on them to send your way. Our NJ ones are very lucky I hear so hang in there as your waiting for the news. Good Luck Amanda

  6. Wow- thanks everyone. Let's hope they work!

  7. This is yours to do with as you wish.

    Hope it helps