Saturday, January 19, 2013



“You forget that, in the dark, we must move closer together in order to see each other. You were never alone.”

I'm sitting here at another AWP event, ever grateful for the ability to be among these women. These ladies have not only allowed me to see that I am not alone, but given me the ability to pursue my passion, and in return, do all I can to make their journey one that they can be proud of and enjoy after such tragedy.

From laughter to hope to inspiration, there are so many things their presence has given and brought into what once seemed like an empty soul-less life. But even more, is gratitude.

My fellow widows have made me grateful for a life i once loathed having. They've made me grateful for being willing to open up to let life in, and let those around me know they are loved.

I have no fancy blog today, just a simple note on all that you have given me. Thank you.

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  1. For new readers - AWP- American Widow Project-
    The AWP Mission

    Founded in 2007 by a military widow, The American Widow Project (AWP) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization providing peer to peer support to a new generation of military widows grieving the loss of a spouse in the armed forces. Allowing healing, laughter, the rest at
    I am posting te above link and partial mission statement so new members of widowed village can see how awesome these ladies are! Truly A Great photo - wish I could teleport into it and get some hugs right now from some other widowed friends- looking forward to Camp Widow East 2013 to get my hugs then. Hope to see the booth for AWP and you Taryn.