Tuesday, January 22, 2013


English: Fraser Valley Elementary School classroom
English: Fraser Valley Elementary School classroom (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I went to my new school to set up my new classroom today.  The kids come back next Tuesday, but I've been working away for the past week or so getting materials ready and now, physically moving desks and cleaning to try and make the room look welcoming.

I am excited to be working in such a friendly place ..... but I am also nervous.

I get nervous at the start of every term.  Will I be able to guide the children through the work?  Will the kids settle in?  Can I still teach?  What's my name again?

Silly really as as soon as I start work, everything seems to flow.

But it is now that I miss having Greg here to remind me that I am GOOD at this job.  That I can teach in a way that children can relate to.  That I am good at developing a rapport with children.

I miss having someone at my back giving me encouragement, or providing an intelligent sounding board for ideas.

I miss having someone tell me that everything will be OK.

So I ask you all to wish me luck .... by this time next week, I'll have met my new class. 

Remind me that everything will be OK, OK?
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  1. You'll be great and you're going to have a wonderful term! Breathe deep and move forward with confidence!

  2. Hi Amanda! This post struck home with me today because I am overwhelmed with my job and my go to support person is no longer in this world. So sad.....

    So to you and me and anyone else needing a professional boost, just remind yourself that you are great and will definitely make a difference regardless of your role!!!!!

    Best of luck to you, Amanda! Thanks!

  3. I miss having a sounding board and a personal boost. I miss that hug and with it the feeling that everything will be okay.

    Everything WILL be okay, Amanda!

  4. EVERY single fall, I'd feel that way. It reminds me of how I used to feel before I learned to drive, as a little kid. I'd think, there's no way I can run a giant vehicle, not hit other cars and remember all the rules of the road. And then I learned and it became muscle memory and I can (frighteningly) drive almost on auto-pilot now. It was like that with teaching. I could never understand how the HELL I did it all, but I always did. Memorized all their names in 1 day, kept them all busy and productive, solved the 14 million problems that popped up every day, kept on top of the grading and paperwork, helped them become little citizens, etc. It felt impossible every time, but it all came together and then we were humming along. It's amazing, really. Good luck and you'll be fabulous.

  5. Hi Amanda,

    I miss that so much too.....my husband Andrew would always tell me everything will be ok.....and it will Amanda, it will......those kids are gonna love you!!!!!


  6. Those children are so lucky to have you as their teacher. With all you've been through you'll be able guide them over the rough spots.

  7. I too am a teacher. The fact that you care, tells me that you are a good teacher. Everything will be ok. I get what you are saying. I miss this too. I miss someone who knows me better than anyone elso, telling me tha same thing. You have made it this far. It will be ok.

  8. Everything will be wonderful. I was a teacher, but quit when my husband died. I think that living through the death of your spouse has likely made you even more compassionate than you were before. I'm sure you'll do a great job and your children will feel very loved.