Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Just Keep Swimming....

Just Keep Swimming is what my lovely friend Kim says to me when she knows things are a bit rough.  ...and it helps in a number of ways.

Figuratively of course, it means to keep going, one breath at a time. 

.....and then .... DORY! 
Who doesn't smile when they think of her?

But there is a far more literal comfort I take from that phrase too....

My facebook friends know that I love to swim.
It has become a private joke which is probably only funny to me that I update my status with some cheesy line about loving to swim at least a few times each summer.

Not in public swimming pools where my propensity to suddenly flip over and just float whilst gazing up into the sky seems to irritate the other swimmers. 
Sometimes at the beach when the weather and water are perfect, but an allergy to sunscreen usually curtails such swims. 
But always in our friend's shady pool which they graciously let us use any time while they are away on holidays.
...and currently, they are away on holidays.

I am not a strong swimmer. 
I am also not a fast swimmer. 
But I can swim (at a slow pace) for hours. 
Just stroke after stroke, up and down the pool. 
Aware of each breath.


So as you wake into the new year, my wish for you all is that you are able to Just Keep Swimming through all the rough patches you encounter in 2013 ....  whether you have been grieving for days or years.  My wish is that you will find a spot of calm when needed ... and joy wherever you can find it ( if its a struggle, ask yourself  'What Would Dory Say?').

Just Keep Swimming  ......


  1. You write beautifully and wisely. You're absolutely right -- just keep swimming one stroke at a time. It does get easier with time. The sad moments come and go but the love stays strong. The press makes a big fuss over the Long Island Medium who can talk to people's loved ones. I don't want someone else talking to my husband, I want to, and I do. Just stay open to your love -- it helps a lot.

  2. Some days the temptation to just go back to bed and give up was so incredibly powerful Amanda. I look back on the previous 3 and a half years and I wonder how on earth I managed to keep on going as the loss of Mum (I am an orphan, not a widow) reverberated so loudly through the whole family.
    The stress of dealing with the complex issues of disability, autism, arsehattery and everything else in between, without Mum there to "take the edge off" has been enormous and truly Dory is my guru.
    xx Love to you. grief is grief is grief.

  3. Dana and I were just big kids. We loved the movie. And after he got sick one of the things we'd always tell each other was that all we had to do was just keep swimming...
    And after his death 7 months ago...all I heard in my head was "just keep swimming"
    Most days it's a mere dog-paddle...but my little nose is above water...so it's a good day.

  4. Dory is my hero! Adorable post

  5. Well said! One year out... And this is what I need to remind myself. I'd agree with another writer, I'm at a doggie paddle with some water above me for a sec or two, but I'm hoping to keep my head up!
    And I love watching this one with the kids!