Tuesday, January 8, 2013

In my own skin....

I am on school holidays.
Six weeks (well four really - I spend at least two weeks preparing for the next class). 

.....and despite myself, I am enjoying it.

(now that Christmas is out of the way).

I think this is the first holiday I've truly enjoyed since Greg died.

We haven't done much - family and friends have come to visit, we've been to our local beach a few times, the local shopping malls, the garden, our friends' pool (obviously), and played with our presents from Santa.

I miss Greg all the time, but I catch moments where I am comfortable to be in my own skin. 

...and this is a huge realisation for me.... that I can be on my own and be content.

Not all the time.

But right now, its enough....


  1. Amanda, thank you for a wonderful post. I can easily relate to this. My husband died suddenly in March of 2010 as well. This past holiday was just different for me.....not great... but not terrible like the first two. It is a great feeling to realize that we can be on our own and content, even if the feeling is only with us temporarily.

    Thank you and continue to enjoy a very much deserved vacation!

  2. right now, its enough. . .
    there is more wisdom in that phrase than a hundred words.
    That is how we get through. Moment by moment.
    Thanks Amanda