Friday, July 26, 2013

Of Moving Vans and Big Plans

The last two weeks have zipped by in a blurry whirlwind of packing and tossing.   By staying steadfastly focused on the shiny adventures that I believe are just ahead, I’ve managed to brute force myself through uncountable difficult choices. Take with or store, give away or garbage – eventually the stuff in this big house was reduced to four piles.  While moving stuff around, we uncovered emotional  land mines everywhere.  We all suffered.  But by pushing through, I feel like we’ve all healed just a little bit.

Maggie’s mother and sister played crucial supportive roles in helping me push through this giant chore. Almost every night and both weekends we dug in and, to my amazement, we are almost done.  All that remains in the house now is some final bits still spread among the furniture that will stay for staging.

Maggie’s sister reminded me during my many moments of weakness that an elephant can only be eaten one bite at a time.  At times, it seemed like the elephant we were choking down was liberally seasoned with fresh onions with an occasional surprise habanero.  But we are pushing through.

Elephant: 100
Chris and Company: 101

We are winning both the battle and the war.  The spoils go to the victor.


  1. "brute force myself through" - yes. This is what I'm doing these days too. Landmines and difficult, stupid, impossible choices, but muscling through. Shiny adventures up ahead.

  2. So well written Chris! So inspiring, honest and worldly! I have started to downsize my house for future sale and those landmines are everywhere. Unfortunately, I don't have the support from my inlaws and that makes me very sad.

    Best of luck to you in your new digs!

  3. Those emotional landmines are tough, so nice you had help in this last effort push. I am trying to do it alone, no one seems to realize just how difficult it is, especially today, his birthday. I have a tough time reaching out and communicating my needs anymore, you'd think after 3 1/2 years it wouldn't be so difficult...but as you all know, it is.

    Hope those shiny adventures are indeed ahead for you, Chris.

  4. I've been chewing on that same elephant for a few months now. But, thankfully my house sold very quickly last week. So I'm "homeless" on Sept 20th. Looking to downsize and have nothing lined up yet.

    I still have much work to do in preparing to move.
    Yesterday I sorted through an old file cabinet chock full of land mines. I shredded the bulk of it. Paperwork representing the first half of my life with Dave. Shredded. It was surreal to sort through it and surreal to shred it away. It didn't feel like my life.

    So glad you're winning Chris!

  5. I'm only three months into this journey and find it hard to get off my bed.
    It is so helpful to know that there is a future but it will take time and it will be difficult but mainly it helps to know that others have walked this path and survived.
    Thank you and good luck xx