Saturday, July 27, 2013


“In sorrow we must go, but not in despair. Behold! We are not bound for ever to the circles of the world, and beyond them is more than memory.”
― J.R.R. Tolkien

Something happened last weekend that awakened me.

It was an AWP Health and Fitness weekend.

We were ending the evening with reiki sessions.

I'd never done reiki, and since leading it, I hadn't planned or set aside time to do so.

A window opened and one of the practitioners had come down, looking ready to depart, and I figured I'd ask if she had a free 20 minutes so I could at least try it.

She did.

She led me upstairs. I layed down. Closed my eyes. And just kind of waited.

I didn't feel anything. My mind was wandering so I went to meditating.

I could hear her as she progressed from my head to my chest.

A slight touch.

Then she broke the silence.

I don't know what occurred or what she truly is (being a skeptic on so much).

She heard him. She said things only he would know.

At first I kept my eyes closed thinking "This is reiki?!"

Then I went into "What does she know?!"

Then she continued to slam me with facts....court worthy facts that washed away any doubt.

Her hand shook on my arm.

She continued to spit out things that opened the well to my emotions like only Michael could do.

It was my Demi moment. He Swayzee-d her like she was Whoopi.

It was..... I don't know. It was real.

20 minutes turned into over an hour.

She wasn't a medium or clairvoyant, nor sought out.

It was something I'll never forget. It was something that has reaffirmed all the crazy things so few believed. It was him.

All around.

Madly in love.

Guiding me.

And now I sound completely mad ;) but honestly, I feel so drenched in love and assurance that I find it hard to stop smiling.

They're here. Undoubtedly. All around. Listening. Lifting. Loving.

He hears me when I talk to him at night. He's there with Charlie. He wants me to get up off my butt and outside more! He chose to spend his spirit-life as my guide. And we have lived many lifetimes together in the past and will again. Our love transcends time, plains, everything.

This I know.


  1. I'm thrilled for you. I feel that only these esperiences in a widow(er)'s life make us truly able to go on. My Charlie is with me and I don't just believe it, I know it.
    You are not mad, but I can tell you don't need anyone else to tell you that. Once you "know" you don't have to worry what others think.


  2. Love. So. Amazing.

  3. YES. As they say, Amen To That.
    They are here.

  4. Oh Taryn, I'm so happy this happened for you!!!! I had a very similar experience myself, and it was such a gift... =) XOXO

  5. I can "buy" that they're here, that my man can see me and stuff....And if all that I was taught growin' up but struggle to believe now is true after all, he's in heaven and can see me there, or at least be aware of how I am, through God. But I've only ever once, in almost 9 years, had anything that felt like a sign. Generally, I don't "feel him," and frankly, that sucks. I just...wish it were different. And now I have to tamp back down the tears so I'm not seen crying at work.

  6. Hi Taryn, I am not a widower but I am a grieving mother who lost her only child, my adult son Jonathan in a tragic fire last year. I know this is not the same as being a widow but I reached out to Janine and she helped me so much. After a major event held in honor of my son, the next day a pure light image appeared and was captured by one of our security cameras we have at our house. Several more images followed over the next 4 months, all pure white light. I firmly believe that this is my Jonathan - at first I was so scared! I was scared that it wasn't him - then I was scared it WAS him. We had the images looked at by experts in this kind of thing. Bottom line: I now know with all my heart that he is with me, he is never far from me, and once in a while, he visits the back door of my house, long enough for the image to be captured once again. I feel so blessed by his visits. I got goosebumps reading your post. Love is patient. Love is kind. Love is never boastful. Love lives on. Thank you for sharing your story with this grieving mother.