Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The People I Love ......

...... have grown in numbers over the past 6 years.
Some people have faded from my life.
Some have stayed.
Some came in during my "after".
And those have never left.
I doubt that they ever will.

This past weekend I spent time with 8 of these people.
They are 8 of the most amazing women I know.
And 8 women that I'm proud, and so very grateful, to call "friend".

This is the board of Soaring Spirits International.
We all come with different backgrounds, different stories, different views on somethings.
I would trust them with my life.

But on one thing ...... we are in 100% agreement.
We have a passion for widowed people.
We want to give them Hope.
We want to let them know that they are not alone.

We just spent a weekend talking about all of you who come here each day, especially the new people who come.
We discussed Camp Widows and how we can get more of you to come and be emotionally fed during that amazing weekend.

We talked about reaching more and more widowed people.
We talked about wanting to give them Hope.

You are very important people in our lives.
We love you.
We care for you.
We cry for you.

And we want to give you Hope.
Plus the knowledge that you're not alone.
We're here.
And we will be here.

Long live love!


  1. I'd love to see a Camp Widow come to Australia, and very willing to help make this happen in any way I could. Thanks.

    1. Mrs C - Thanks so much for your support and willingness to help. Right now we have 3 Camp Widows going and can't add any more for a while. It takes all of our limited time and very limited resources to keep up with these. Hopefully we'll continue to grow and become more able to add funds, staff and more Camps!

  2. so grateful for you all and the work you do. And that I found you, and this blog, in one of my darkest hours. And realized that I WASN'T crazy (well not totally!) and that I wasn't the only one, as much as I felt alone. Thank you, to all of you, for the amazing work that you do.

    1. Thanks, Beth. And thank you for all of the support you've given.

  3. Thank you for this post - it made my day!

    In the future, is it possible to schedule a "Camp Widow" in the South. I live in Arkansas and been unable to attend any of the previous one, although I would love it!


    Leslie in Little Rock

    1. Hi Leslie,
      We would LOVE to add another camp, but as I told Mrs C above, we're pretty limited to the 3 we have now. As a non-profit (and a fairly new one at that) we are pretty limited in manpower, staff and funds. But hopefully we'll be able to more camps in the future.
      Thanks so much for asking. Maybe you can join us in Tampa in March? It's a little closer to Arkansas. :)

  4. Where can I get info on camp widow and when and where they are?

    1. Hi jld -
      You'll find all of the information at
      This year Camp Widow East will be in Tampa, the 7-9 of March.
      West will be in San Diego July 11-13, and our first Camp in Canada will be September 26-28.
      I hope you can join us!!

  5. Even on the days that my eyes are only kept from washing out by the swelling caused by the tears , i come to this site for comfort and hope. I would drown in the pain if it weren't for all of you.

    1. Carol,
      I'm so sorry that you have a reason to come here, but I'm glad that you found us since you do. And I'm so thankful that we can give you a bit of hope and comfort. That's definitely our purpose.
      Much peace to you, Carol.

  6. have given me much comfort over the past 4 1/2 years since the love of my life died suddenly-no warnings...thank you for caring about all of us on this horrible journey...I also followed "one breath at a time", but can't find it anymore...did you create a new blog in it's place? Take care...

  7. Anon,
    It's still there (, though I no longer write on it. If you email me I'll send you the link to the new one (
    Thank you so much for your kind words.