Saturday, May 15, 2010



Three whopping years since it happened.

Since my soul mate went to the other side and I ventured out in the unfamiliar world called widowhood.

The Angel-versary is always a time where I look back on the time that has passed, things that have been conquered, feelings that have been realized, and growth that has taken place. As I drove in my car one evening, thinking of these things, thinking of THREE, one thing took precedent.

In the rehashing of all that has transpired, what came to mind the most were the three words that have got me through it all. Three words that he said to me for the last time on May 21st, 2007. Three words that have not only carried through my grief but helped me soar above it's grasps into a life where smiles are more prevalent then frowns, and memories are recalled while making new ones.

Three words that on this three year anniversary will be heard in my heart and felt in my veins. Three words that have defined my being.




  1. I lost my husband Dennis on December 22, 2009, my best friend and the father of our 3 children. I am so lost without him. So sad, I still cry everyday. I still have his bags from the hospital that I haven't unpacked. I have lost all of my friends, I have no family within 500 miles and will lose our house soon.

  2. Kim,
    I'm so sorry. I'm praying for you and for your children.

  3. I lost my husband on 12/19/08. Those 3 words with a blown kiss was the last things his lips voiced to me. Then he rode off on his motorcycle and I on my bike. We were to meet later at the movies. He never made it. He was killed that day when an FRIGGIN fire truck cut him off and killed him!!!