Tuesday, May 25, 2010

When It's Quiet

I took a drive last night with the top down. Driving 70 I couldn't hear anything but the wind and engine. The effect was therapeutic in a white noise way. I emptied my mind and just drifted for a few minutes. What I found there in the roar of the wind was a little piece of myself. I had some "deep thoughts" for a few miles and found that I need some maintenance. Life has been so hard and fast lately that I'm not enjoying the little things. I've been in high gear and need to slow it down a notch.
This morning I took a leisurely walk with the dog, listened to the birds, and felt the wind and a few scattered rain drops on my face. It was a sweet 30 minutes and I soaked it up. I've got to remember to do that more often: to take some deep breaths and relax. I'm drinking my coffee as I type this, consciously enjoying the writing process instead of addressing it like a task to scratch off my list upon completion. It feels good.
There is a dove walking around my back porch, the kitchen clock is ticking, and the washing machine just kicked off. My dog is lightly snoring at my feet, and the steam is rising off of my coffee. I'm taking a quick inventory of the things I don't usually notice - normally I am racing around trying to get things done. It's a good feeling, and one I need to recreate as often as I can. The world is a beautiful place when you slow down long enough to appreciate it.
Happy Tuesday - Michelle D.


  1. Mick, that's awesome. I actually felt the moment, been there. Keep on keepin' on Mickey...


  2. Yes it is. And, what a beautiful, and peaceful, place your words took me to. I too can get so caught up in life's pressured pace. Sometimes I'm to busy, or to short sided, to appreciate the small wonders.

    Thanks for sharing this.