Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Thanks for Being You

Grayson and I had a great day on Sunday. A relaxing morning of pancakes and hanging out around the house, followed by a crawfish boil and dinner at my mom's. As I tucked him in for the night, I hugged him tight and said the words: "thank you for being you". He asked me what I meant and I told him how much I love him for being just the way he is and how special he is to me. His little face lit up, and he said the words back to me, smiling a sweet little smile.

As I walked back downstairs, I remembered that Daniel used to say those words to me all the time. The realization made my heart hurt. He'd say it in so many contexts: when hearing about someone else's troubled marriage, after a fun night out just the two of us, after I had said something way too blunt and slightly embarrassing, or I'd told a joke that was more than slightly over the line of decency...... he liked me for who I was. He appreciated me, warts and all. Although I'm sure I had some habits that were annoying to him, and life wasn't always hearts and flowers, overall he felt like he'd won the lottery when he married me, and the feeling was very mutual.

Hearing Grayson say those words made me realize how much I miss hearing them from Daniel. It's been a long time since I've felt so loved and so accepted. No one knows me the way he did. He could see into my soul. I miss it so much, and I miss knowing him in the same way. It's much lonelier being me without him, that is for damned sure.

I had a strength and confidence as "Daniel's Wife" that I have had to re-learn. I've had to learn to value myself and know that not everyone will get me, or understand what I do. I have to be okay with me. It has been harder to do as a team of one. It was much easier when Daniel had my back. Now, I have my own back (with the support of some wonderful friends!).

It has been a difficult process, but I'm finally at the point when I truly feel comfortable in my new skin. In the words of Popeye the Sailor - "I am what I am." That is good enough for me. Hey me: "thanks for being you."
Have a great Tuesday! - Michelle D.


  1. My husband Dave would say the same words to me. It always made me think how lucky I was. Many times I questioned what I was doing and he always made sure that I knew I was appreciated by him.

  2. I am so glad I read your post today! It brought one of my biggest issues since my husband's death to light. When my husband was alive I was always strong, almost fearless and would tackle anything that had to be. He had been sick for many years and depended on my strength and I felt happy that at the least, I could be strong and handle things for him. Even in our darkest days when fear would try to creep in, it was his presence that helped me overcome it. Since his death 9 months ago, that has been one of my biggest obstacles - weakness and fear, my strength disappeared. I had never felt so weak, so afraid, not ever. Thankfully as time goes on I am regaining my strength and sense of security, little by little. I have never been able to describe the feeling of loss in that particular area, although I knew from others in this same plight it was not uncommon to be afraid. However, when I read your post and you said " I had a strength and confidence as "Daniel's Wife..." I realized that was IT! That was me, I became stronger as Ron's wife. He forever told me how strong I was and how I could handle anything. So now I draw strength from others, such as you today. God works in mysterous ways and today he sent a very important message of hope to me - through you. Bless you and thank you!

  3. Love the Celtics shirts :-)