Sunday, May 23, 2010


I love men.

I love their arms,

their legs (athletic ones).

I love the way they smile when they like me.

I love the way their hand touches,

attentively, the small of my back,

as they usher me through a door of a restaurant

to a car,

out of some kind of "danger."

I like kissing them too.

Yes, I said THEM.

I like how their breath feels on my face.

Or the roughness of their fingers as they stroke my face.

I like their deep voices.

Their assured walks.

And I like myself with them.

I like how I, at 45, feel confident when I am with them.
I like how I know that I am a "good catch" that includes my kids!

I like how I know what I want.

I like how my kids, my work and myself are more important than any of them.

I like the way I laugh when I like one of them.

I like that I am Kim Hamer,



and no, not your lover.....yet.

I like how I don't think about Art but all of this is because of him.
His love for me oozes out of me and I morph into everything he thought I was.
I like that I don't have to worry if they don't put the toilet seat down.


  1. I love men too. I miss the conversation, company, and touch of a man. Guilt washes over me for even making that statement, as I haven't quite reached the one year mark yet and I am beginning to think about the possibility of future relationships. I look forward to having a man in my life again. There. I said it.

  2. Kim... I LOVE this post... I am 46, and 1 year (as of yesterday) into widowhood. I just began 'casually dating' a man a couple of weeks ago... and it's funny, but I have TONS more confidence in myself now (as a 46 yr old, overweight, widow) than I did when I dated this same man at 16 (okay, not a good comparison since I WAS only 16, but nonetheless)... My LH, 'My Rick', thought that the moon and sun rose and set upon me... he believed in me wholeheartedly... and I believe that I carry HIS confidence in me WITH ME when I'm out facing the world... I know that he smiles when he sees me walking, head held high... I believe that I, too, am a "good catch"... and I cannot 'settle'... Thank you for helping me to remember that! ~ Blessings to you, DeNece

  3. YES! I love it, especially the line "His love for me oozes out of me and I morph into everything he thought I was." My loss is still new and fresh (my husband died on March 3), but I get occasional glimmers of possibility for Life After Mike, and I hear some of that possibility echoing in your words here.