Friday, September 10, 2010

Photo from Fort Dodge

This week my little girl, Liv, started school....not kindergarten or grade one. Until now, she had been homeschooled.
When Jeff was alive, we had discussed our desires for our children's education and what we thought would be the best pathway for our family to take. Although we both agreed that homeschooling was the choice for us at the time, Jeff felt that the advent of Grade Three would signal an appropriate time for our daughter to enter the public school system. I had balked at the idea....and really I thought that I had years to prepare my argument to sway his thinking.
When he died, I didn't think about it much, but I suppose part of me figured I could have my own way now.
It turns out he was right. Grade Three is the year that Liv begins her public school journey. It's bumpy but she's enjoying it.
And I feel that Jeff left me with instructions for his wishes....and it makes me feel less alone when I drop her off each morning. This is what he wanted for our little girl....and maybe he's watching over her as she trudges up the pathway into the school doors and grinning. He won.

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  1. How wonderful to know your husband's wishes and to be able to fulfill them in a way that feels like the right thing for everyone! My 1st grader started a new school this year after getting called from the waiting list unexpectedly. Looking at the big picture, it was an easy decision - it was what his dad & I had wanted for him since we put him on the list at age 3. It felt good. I wish you and your daughter all the very best on this next step of the journey! I'm sure your husband is proud of you!