Thursday, September 9, 2010

something small.

i just found it

the other day,

still attached to a

belt loop

on an old

pair of jeans.

it was part of me

everyday for two weeks,

that simple

metal object,

it held on

to the things

that meant so

much to her

in life

and will mean

so much to her

daughter when she's old

enough to appreciate them.

i tried to put

the jeans on,

leaving the safety

pin where i

found it.

one leg in.

but as i tried to

push my right leg

through the emptiness,

i stopped...

i pulled my left

leg out,

folded the jeans

up and placed

them back in

bottom of the drawer

where i'd found them.

not today,

i thought.


  1. Matt, I know exactly what you mean in this post. So many times in the last year, I have come across small thing, a piece of paper with his handwritng,the shirt he ordered that came after his death,his favorite book, a song he liked. Things other people take for granted that I never will again.

  2. I feel the same way... even an expression that he used that I find myself using triggers a wonderful memory. Sometimes it is sadness all over again, some times I am complete and utter "oh my goodness.. why him/me/us!" and then sometimes I am glad I remembered it! Oh how I miss my Danny!