Thursday, June 20, 2013

Sharing Our Stories

Everyone wins when we share!

Our stories have power. We know you believe this -- by visiting Widow's voice (and hundreds of other blogs) you are finding solace, strength, or just plain company in the words of another widowed person. You might even have your own blog, or share on another site. Maybe you only share in private Facebook groups, or among friends. However you share -- you know your words matter.

I'm happy to be hosting another opportunity for widowed people to share their stories. At Camp Widow, on June 28 in San Diego, we're having a Widowed Blog Slam. You may have heard of Poetry Slams -- competitive public readings of gritty, honest poetry. They are usually held in bars and sometimes, winners are chosen by rounds of raucous applause. These are powerful events about words, but the Blog Slam at Camp Widow will NOT be like a typical slam. We listen respectfully, we support all readers, and (most important for keeping the peace) we drink AFTERWARDS. And everyone wins when we share.

At the blog slam, we'll read and hear personal stories -- strange or funny experiences -- poems of remembrance -- tales of "how we met." You might bring a poem or journal entry, a letter you wrote or received, a limerick or a song lyric or a haiku.

If you are planning to be at Camp -- we will need you at the Blog Slam! There are many ways to participate:
  • If you write (you don't have to be a blogger!) -- bring something you love. Is it funny? Inspiring? Preachy? Honest? We can handle the hard stuff -- grief, loss, anger -- whatever you've got, we want to hear it. 
  • If you are willing to stand up and read, but don't write -- bring something that's mattered to you or that you remember when you need something. I'll bet someone shares your feelings! 
  • If you can listen -- you're the people we need the MOST. Listeners are powerful. Yours will be the faces our readers are looking at. Your eyes will connect. You might even turn into a cheerleader and give a speaker strength by listening. 
So come one, come all -- extrovert, introvert, writer, reader, audience member -- come and surround us with your stories.

Most of us are not comfortable with public speaking... but a room of widowed people is an audience like no other. Let the energy of the room fill you up. Know that your audience has "been there" and is open to hearing you, whatever you have to say.

Because everyone wins when we share!

Robin More Lasky AKA Supa Fresh Widow 

The Widowed Blog Slam will be held at 3:30 on Friday, June 28 in San Diego, as part of Camp Widow. You can register for Camp here. Leave your questions in the comments, below. 


  1. Can I bring my guitar? I've never played in front of people before but I'd like to share a song I wrote that means a lot to me. And will maybe touch someone else. - Angie Callahan

  2. Of course! Guitars are always welcome!! :)

  3. THis is awesome!!! I will definitely read/share one of my blog entries/poems/stories. I will have to think about this and choose the right one. I am also willing to "speak" or read for someone else who is too shy, but wants their words to be read or heard. Do we need to sign up to participate or do we just show up?

  4. @KellyLynn!
    Yes -- THANK YOU for offering to speak for someone who might be feeling shy! You don't have to sign up, but since you are (so kindly) offering to help I will regard you as "committed"! (Please help spread the word!)

    This is going to be fun!