Saturday, October 16, 2010


1. To take a risk; dare.
2. To proceed despite risks.

After Michael was killed my equilibrium for life was off. How things and actions made by me were guaged, I can't quite say would fall under the category of "adventure", as my reasoning behind certain decisions was semi-based off the hope that maybe I'd join Michael sooner than later.
Selfish? Yes. But at that point the biggest risk, the biggest adventure I could take, was trying to survive. That alone was scarier than jumping out of any plane, speeding over a 100 in any car, and eating as many Ben and Jerry containers as should ever be humanly possible combined.
I can say now though, that at some point I waved the white flag and decided to face the world, create new adventures, unearth all the love and goodness in my being. I decided to grasp the fact that life has been the greatest adventure of all, and I want it to continue to be.
Right now I'm typing this from London, in a flat with some amazing widows, adding another adventure to my life resume. AsI tell my loved ones, I want my life resume/adventures to be so good...that God himself would hire me.
Hope you enjoy some of the pics taken in one of my favorite places so far:


  1. It is so funny that your post this am is Adventure. This is the one word I would use to describe life with my late husband, who could make doing something ordinary, an adventure. he was just what I needed .ince I am the practical type. Since his death,I wrote the word adventure on a card to remind me to be more daring in the things I am willing to do- it has tyaken all my energy to even try to do this. I lovw your pictures it is a beautiful place.

  2. Awesome pictures, thank you for sharing. Michael would be so proud of you as you take on new adventures.

  3. Love the pictures, thank you for sharing and helping me look at life from a different perspective this morning.