Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Halloween...I think as an adult you move past this particular celebration...until you have kids! Since Grayson was old enough to hold his trick or treat bag, Halloween has been one of the more fun holidays of the year. Grayson's costumes have become gradually more frightening as the years have passed. We've moved from pumpkin (4 months) to Wizard (16 months) to Darth Vader (4 years) to Harry Potter (7) to this year's Zombie costume.

Our traditions have changed a bit in the past 5 years though. We not only plan tricks and treats, we now celebrate the Day of the Dead - or All Souls Day. The Day of the Dead is the 2nd day after Halloween, and the day before the deathaversary (5 years). We'll collect sugar skulls, marigolds, coffee, a little jack daniel's, some beef jerky, and whatever of Daniel's favorites we come up with, and we'll head to the cemetery to decorate his grave. Sometimes family come with us, sometimes it's just us. We go no matter what.

This year will have another layer of meaning. Our dog, who mourned for months after Daniel died (she licked her feet until they bled and walked the house whining for him for what seemed like forever), passed away in June. Her ashes are ready, and Grayson wants to put them with Daniel. I can't think of a better place. We'll do that this weekend when we decorate for the Day of the Dead.

The tradition has become one we look forward to, and in some strange way it makes us feel closer to Daniel. I imagine him sipping his Jack and coke while watching us place the various items on his grave. I imagine him tasting the different treats and noticing how tall Grayson has grown. I imagine him putting his arms around us as we look at the black stone with his name and dates carved on it. In whatever way he can be, he'll be with us. It's an odd and special day for us, and I'm looking forward to it.

Happy Tuesday! - Michelle D.


  1. My little girl dog also mourned for Dennis, she would go though the house crying and looking for him, she sleeps on his pillow every night since I have not change the pillow he slept on. My little boy dog would listen for his car to pull in the driveway and would run to the door everytime he heard one that sounded like his...They both chewed their hair off in places.It was so sad they grieved just as much as I did. When they pass away I will also put their ashes with his...They loved their daddy as much as I did..

  2. I love the tradition of day of the dead. I think it is super that you do this withn you son. It is a nice way to remember your loved one in a postive way.

  3. a beautiful post, my friend.