Sunday, October 31, 2010

Wise Ass Widow

My Halloween Costume

Guess what I am.

Art was in my head all day saying, "Babe, don't say anything. Let them figure it out."

But that is not me.

So here's a hint.

I am a certain kind of spider!
I am a certain kind of widow!


  1. I like the it. This summer I brought alife size cardboard cut out of my husband making one of his silly faces to a family get together. It was interesting to see peoples reaction. My husband would have been proud, because he always did crazy things like that and it got people laughing and joking about him.

  2. I get it. Too funny!

  3. Thanks,I laughed out loud and will be grinning all day. LOVE IT!!.....and I'm not posting a spoiler.

  4. hey! great minds think alike! :-)
    My 8 year old always calls me a 'black widow' so I thought it was a perfect costume idea.

  5. Love, love, LOVE this!!!!!
    And you!
    : )

  6. Absolutely great :-)

  7. To WAW,
    Leave em laughing and crying all at once. Remember the confederate flag Xmas card? FABULOUS!


  8. You are the 3rd widow I have seen that was a black widow this Halloween. I love it. I am going to do that next year!!