Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Safe Haven

In the past few weeks I've had more days than I've had in a very long time when I make the drive home from work feeling like I've got nothing left. I can't imagine one more thing making its way onto my ever growing list. I feel as if I can't muster a smile. I can't put on a happy face. There is no bright side.

I sit in traffic in my emptiness. Lately, as I make my way home from the office I am still on a conference call dealing with some new crisis. My head begins to throb and I wonder if it will ever improve.

I drive up the hill to our house, turn onto our street, and see our mailbox. I point my car up the driveway and pull into my spot. I turn off the car, look up at our house, and suddenly, I feel it.... Sanctuary. Our place. A place becoming more like home each day as the boxes are slowly unpacked and familiar items are carefully placed and co-mingled. A place I go to at the end of a long day and feel loved and cared for. A place both unexpected and wonderful. A place I didn't even dream of finding.


(photo from: http://www.fornire.co.uk/)


  1. Happy for you, and wish I can someday recapture that feeling. I go through days where I think, "yes, I can do this, I'm adjusting, be grateful for what you have" to..."how absolutely LUDICROUS that I could dare think I can live without him...of course I can't." I totally miss coming home to him, and having the feeling of being totally safe and loved. UGH. Hope the best for you.

  2. To anonymous above: agreed